LCA (Life Cycle Assessment)

LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) is an assessment method that measures the environmental impact, resource efficiency and amount of waste generation of products throughout their life cycles. Our LCA, according to ISO 14040/44 standards, covers the carbon emissions produced during raw material acquisition, processing, production, use, end-of-life and disposal.

LCA covers all 6 stages of the product lifecycle, the details are as follows:

Raw Material: It is the acquisition of the raw materials required to create the product. It is important for determining the significant environmental impacts of products at every stage of their life cycle.

Production: It is the manufacturing phase of the products. It is a comparison of the sustainability of products in production and the implementation of improvements.

Consumption: It is the use of the products after they are served to the customer. It is important for us to encourage consumption of products with less negative environmental impact.

Disposal: It is the destruction of the products in a way that will provide minimum environmental impact when they are not recycled.

Recycling: It is the recycling of the product as a raw material again.

Shipping: The logistics processes of products, including all intermediate steps. It is important for us to ensure optimization for minimum environmental impact in all processes.

As DNM Denim, we always accept and ensure the accuracy of the relevant data it shares by obtaining verification from independent organizations for Life Cycle Assessment studies.