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With changing lifestyles and denim becoming more acceptable in a range of environments including as business attire or smart casual eveningwear, as well as having to accommodate more active lifestyles, consumer demand continues to grow for a wider range of styles, aesthetics and usage. At the same time, consumers are less willing to compromise on comfort and shaping performance.

As such, when shopping for denim, consumers are finding it hard to pin down their perfect pair of denim jeans, in spite of the plethora of options available to them. A recent study by The LYCRA Company found that 42 % of female shoppers often leave the store without buying anything and a further15% said that they often choose something different in lieu of denim*. Why is this and how can fabric innovators such as DNM DENIM help to solve these issues?

As a denim fabric company preferred by global fashion brands, DNM DENIM believes that investing in and using the right technologies to address consumer demand, it can help to solve the big problems the industry faces. The innovative Turkish denim mill has just announced the launch of its revolutionary new “Shaped’N Relaxed” concept. A line of denim fabrics that perfectly addresses the modern consumer’s need for style, performance, comfort and sustainability, all in one fabric.

OPPOSITES ATTRACT: The Power and Comfort Concept
The highly innovative Shaped’N Relaxed line was designed to offer the perfect balance between shaping power and soft, stretch comfort, for demanding consumers who have grown tired of compromising between the two requirements. Incorporating both LYCRA® BEAUTY technology and LYCRA® FREEF!T™ technology, the Shaped’N Relaxed line employs opposite forces to bring both customised shaping, plus increased fit forgiveness and comfort to consumers.
Shaped’N Relaxed is the perfect line of fabrics for consumers who are looking for denim that is effortlessly chic, yet provides a range of performance benefits including:
• Exceptional shape retention and all-day fit: no bagging or sagging
• Customised shaping
• Freedom of movement
• Easy wear
• Improved fit
• Ultimate comfort
“We are always looking for ways to improve the performance of denim fabric and thanks to this smart collaboration with The LYCRA Company, we can now offer our customers a new generation stretch fabric, with a unique technology that can provide extra support to areas where it is needed,” states Gokhan Unsal, Deputy General Manager of DNM DENIM.

But how does it work? 
The secret of the DNM DENIM’s Shaped’N Relaxed line lies in a combination of its specially engineered core fibre, which provides super stretch and recovery performance, alongside DNM’s expertly adjusted yarns and fabric finishing steps. The fabric is knitted with an open structure which gives a very gentle soft stretch, suiting a broad fit window, but at the same time provides shaping properties. It’s two opposing forces coming together in a fabric that is extra comfortable, with lower pressure shaping. It really is the best of both worlds in one fabric.

The LYCRA Company applied its highly prized compression and shaping tests to Shaped’N Relaxed line fabrics, helping DNM DENIM to define a Comfort Map for each of the fabrics, using their numeric scores. In turn, this helps manufacturers and brands to select the Shaped’N Relaxed fabric that is ideally suited to their designs or customer needs. For example, for a “skinny” garment, a customer may choose a fabric with the highest power score, but then play around with comfort scores in order to obtain the optimum balance for their needs.

The collection includes hero fabric CASILDA TOPBLUE which, when subjected to The LYCRA Company’s stringent testing standards, rated exceptionally well on both Power and Comfort placing it in the “ideal” zone for everyday movement and comfort alongside excellent shaping performance. A fantastic “all-rounder” that will suit most designers’ needs.

Sustainability: a business imperative for DNM

Furthermore, the Shaped’N Relaxed collection is made with sustainable materials and can be specked with LYCRA® EcoMade and LYCRA® T400® Ecomade fibers. Sustainability is at the heart of everything DNM does. The company is part of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC) and its modern facility has been designed with low water usage, low waste and good resource management in mind. “DNM DENIM cares about the use of environmentally friendly technologies in textile manufacture to support excellence and sustainability in production and makes significant investments in this regard,” said Gokhan Unsal, Deputy General Manager of DNM DENIM.

What does it all mean for brands and manufacturers?

This unique technology first and foremost offers differentiation. When faced with a sea of denim to choose from, having a clear unique selling point and a story to tell consumers, the concept can help to create stand-out that will grab the consumer’s attention. Once your brand has their attention and they try the product, the Shaped’N Relaxed collection’s gradient levels of stretch and fit, combined with its focus on comfort and freedom of movement, ultimately results in a satisfied customer happy with the fit, comfort and performance of their chosen denim.

Thanks to the revolutionary LYCRA® FREEFIT® technology incorporated in the collection, providing greater fit forgiveness across shapes and sizes, Shaped’N Relaxed denim fabric collection may also help to reduce the number of returns and in so doing, the cost of return handling. This is especially valuable for online retailers.

As lifestyles evolve, the consumer’s requirements are changing and only through ongoing innovation and employing the best industry knowledge, skill and fibre technologies will the industry continue to meet these demands. Dynamic producers and innovators such as DNM DENIM and The LYCRA Company recognise this and are constantly looking and new and inventive ways to help their customers fulfil consumer demand.

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