We started our DNM journey
in 2011
in the
city of Damietta

We started our DNM journey in 2011 in the city of Damietta, Egypt as an investment venture of Eroğlu Holding using 100% Turkish capital.

 At its inception, DNM always considered our journey to be more important than our destination. We are continuously shaped by our main principle, to respect nature, since the day we were founded.
Some of the key points within our environment-first production approach that have shaped our journey are;

ZLD Closed Treatment Plant,
Minimal Energy Consumption
Natural Gas Usage
Cogeneration System

At DNM, we uphold the idea of producing and protecting people in our fabric. We have taken our place among the best in the sector. In a short time, with our experienced staff,  we have structured a sense of responsibility towards the environment. Our understanding of production is based on sustainability within our modern and energetic structure.

And while we are always inspired by nature in our fabrics, patterns, textures and colors, we continually strive to maintain the same inspiration in our unique and high quality collections & collaborations with leading designers and brands. By producing fabrics which combine innovation and advanced technology with our commitment to the environment, we work meticulously for brands that shape the fashion denim industry. We aim to take all of the steps necessary to be the first choice our sector.

The Future of Denim is Here