Story of Water

The Story of the Water

The sustainability of nature and life forms the basis of social, economic and industrial sustainability. Scientific datas reveal that the global water crisis is closer than ever before. Today, we are experiencing the effects of climate change with the increase in average temperatures, decreases in precipitation and progress of drought. As a result of these, unless precautions are taken, there will be a great water deprivation for the world. We servet he sustainability of the world, produce responsibly and support the sustainability of the world responsibly.

As DNM Denim, we shape our entire production process with a focus on zero water consumption, even though we produce in one of the sectors that consume the most water.

<b>In order to minimize water consumption during the production phase, a closed-circuit treatment system is used instead of traditional biological treatment.</b>

<b>DNM continues to lead the way in sustainable solutions. The ZLD System (Zero Liquid Discharge) we are using in our facilities prevents the discharge of any industrial wastewater to the environment.</b>

All water used in production is cleaned and purified in our water treatment plant and 100% is recycled into the production process.

Although some water is used in production and other processes, in total 90,2% of our water needs come from recycling, which means that we are minimising the amount of water we use and preventing environmental pollution. Significant steps towards a cleaner future.

<b>With the technologies and machinery used in the painting and finishing stages, less water is used, so water consumption is kept at a minimum and under control.</b>