DNM Denim is now in Germany

As DNM Denim, one of the highest foreign trade markets of Turkey, we have aimed to strengthen our commercial ties with Germany, which has a strong production economy and is one of the countries with the best purchasing power in the world.

Germany, as a serious manufacturing country, is known for hosting a wide variety of denim brands that shape the fashion industry. In addition, it is among the countries where department store retailing has developed the most and hosts a population with high purchasing power, which is an indicator of developed countries.

As a sign of the valuable experiences we have gained from our customers and a necessity of the sector we are in, we analyzed that if our office was located in Germany, DNM Denim would be a more preferred manufacturer. We saw that taking fast action and being accessible at the time of need are among the most important criteria that manufacturers pay attention to when choosing.

As DNM, our solution-oriented approach, our understanding of quality service, and our passion for always being able to do better encouraged us to open our new office in Düsseldorf, the heart of fashion in Germany. The fact that many stores have showrooms in this region and our goal to reflect our energy to the energy of life also led us to the decision that opening our office would be quite beneficial and correct.

As the DNM Denim family, we will once again show how important it is for us to provide our customers with faster and more intensive service with our dynamic team. We are proud and happy to announce that as of February, we have started to serve all our customers through our Germany office.