The Story of Our New Logo

We set out with the idea that nature is the cycle that feeds our souls. That was the beauty of being a drop of water.

Sometimes the wind determined our path. When we were about to fall, thrown to other points. We did not choose our place ourselves, nature took us wherever needed. Sometimes at the bottom of a sapling that needs to sprout, sometimes in front of a creature that can hold on to life with a sip of water, sometimes at the bottom of a cracked soil.

Sometimes the soil determined our path. When we thought we could stay, we migrated because we couldn't find a root to hold on to... We flocked to some places, but we deprived ourselves of some places. However, we were the basis of life, which we could cling to if there was only one root. We wanted to show the need for a drop of water.

Most of the time, the forest determined our path. It was so beautiful, so clean. As we rained it grew green, as we fell it rose. Sometimes it sent us into the sky in a cloud of mist; sometimes it shaped our journey from leaf to branches, from branches to roots.

We witnessed what nature's love and anger can change. While admiring the balance of nature, we remembered what a fine line we actually walked when the resources started to run out. Nature; showed us that it is in our hands to consolidate the path we walk and that we should respect it. We became conscious that the image called eternity actually begins with just a drop.

For years, we have been trying to help nature breathe with sustainable collections. We are now completing our evolution as a DNM fully integrated with nature, not just with our collection names and themes. In the design of our new logo; We were inspired by nature, which has the power to renew itself, and water, which forms the basis of life with its existence.

DNM Denim

The story of those who can be shaped with a drop of water…