Ellen MacArthur Foundation - Jeans Redesign Project

Jeans Redesign guidelines encourage leading brands, factories and manufacturers to change the way they produce denim. It is a collective action plan for scaling circular applications, based on the principles of the circular economy.

The guidelines are a starting point for the industry to design and manufacture products that comply with circular economy principles. It is important for us to produce denim that is more convenient to use, reproducible, safe and designed from recycled or renewable inputs.

As DNM Denim, we are one of the members of this project since 2020, we continue to produce under favorable conditions.

Denim Deal Agreement

Denim Deal, the Netherlands-based multi-stakeholder initiative to meet the challenges of circular fashion, aims to maximize the denim industry's use of textile waste in apparel.

Under the Denim Deal agreement, the signatories commit to work towards the standard of using at least 5% recycled textiles in all denim garments as soon as possible.

As DNM Denim, we have been included in the Denim Deal Agreement in 2021.