We think that the soil and life cycle that we owe as humanity is one of the most interesting processes of nature. Butterflies go through incredible changes during their life cycle, turning each one into a natural wonder. Our world is changing and transforming every day, just like butterflies... We are aware of this situation, so we see it as the most important point to contribute to this transformation for sustainability and to make it a lifestyle. As DNM,
our aim is; not to consume the world while producing. The point where we are inspired by the transformation of the butterfly is; The evolution and fragility of nature from development to transformation is just like a butterfly completing its development in a cocoon and flying with wings. We liken the butterfly's formation process to nature.

This cocoon is a creation designed to withstand all weather conditions and external factors. The story of our fabrics exists precisely with this point. Just like these cocoons, our fabrics are formed loop by loop and eventually become the starting point of the butterfly and always take nature as an example. The butterfly emerging from the cocoon is also a symbol of liberation and rebirth. The transformation of fabric into denim is the beginning of a freedom story. The endless respect we have for nature has guided us in the production process to protect our resources and to be sustainable. For this purpose, we have minimized water consumption and used our energy more efficiently while reducing our carbon footprint. Here is “PAPILIO”, which we brought to life with this philosophy.

We have designed a brand new sustainability product that you can tame as you wish, with its high elasticity that takes the shape of your body like a drop of water, wraps your lines like a new skin and pulls you towards the future with its strength.

Here is our “Meta-Stretch” collection.

For those who want to look stylish and still feel comfortable all day and night, Shaped’n Relaxed is a perfect match.

Must-have for a timeless wardrobe.
Customized shaping technology developed by DNM and Lycra Company.
Perfect fit.
Laser friendly colors.
Produced from sustainable materials. Offers a modern approach to vintage looks

As DNM, our collection that will always provide your comfort and
adapt to your daily wear.
Here is our "Ease'n Stretch" concept.

Authentic look
Comfort wear
Better recover
Adaptive power
Natural wash effect with broad color options

As DNM, we have designed a naturalness that lives on you all day, inspired by every living thing that breathes and every source that allows us to breathe. Here is our "Neutral'n Stretch" concept.

No Elastane
Delivers lasting comfort, fit and shape
Easy wear
Excellent recovery
Vintage denim look

Let Tokio Spirit be the trademark of your style! For more people to enjoy Tokio Spirit, we have added new options that are suitable for women as well.

Authentic Japanese style denim.
Reinterpreted with modern processes resulting in variety of weight and color options.
Timeless fashion sense.
Wide product range consisting of variety of fiber compositions.
Suitable for every need and style.

We have created a protector that will make it easier for you to adapt to all existing temperatures, protect the heat in your body, and penetrate deep into your soul the survival instinct that comes from the creation of the butterfly. Our “All Season-Fahrenheit 98.6” collection on your eyebrow.

Keeps body temperature constant
Suitable for every need and style
Comfort wear


Metanoia: Changing one's mind. A process of fundamental change in the human personality. Derives from the Ancient Greek words μετά (metá) (meaning "beyond" or "after") and νόος (noeō) (meaning "perception" or "understanding" or "mind").

World has changed and continues to change. This changing world, has changed the habits of all of us. Our expectations, what we hope to receive from the world have changed. While our values ​​have remained the same, our value forms have changed. We don't know if the days when we didn't even know what to expect, are over. All we know is this: Although forms change, everything we see coming from nature, and nature itself is the only place we owe anything.

During the time we spent in our Chrysalis, we were transformed even more. We summarized the lessons we learned by following the nature under the headlines of engineering, design and sustainability. We have blended many different elements, to add more value to both nature and everyone we work with.

Now we produce our finest collections without consuming almost any water. Not only have we further reduced our carbon footprint, we are taking efficiency-oriented sustainability policies, thanks to the new ways we follow to use our energy more efficiently.

As DNM, we continue our journey of quality, using changes in our favor via sustainability. These changes showed us a clearer way to design, improve and create fascinating works in our proudly presenting Metanoia collection.

Let Tokio Spirit be the trademark of your style! For more people to enjoy Tokio Spirit, we have added new options that are suitable for women as well.

Authentic Japanese style denim is reinterpreted with modern processes resulting in variety of weight and color options. All fabrics in this collection are made of 100% cotton and here to elevate your style.

Iconic Touch family takes softness, quality and luxury to another level, becoming a fabric like no other.

  • Improved lightness and softness.
  • A unique denim line produced by using Tencel and Modal with sustainability.
  • Natural brightness.
  • Perfect choice for timeless elegance and comfort.

For people who want to look stylish and still feel comfortable day and night, Shaped’n Relaxed is a perfect match. It is a must-have for a timeless wardrobe.

Shaped’n Relaxed provides customized shaping technology developed by DNM and Lycra. Result of this collaboration is a perfect fit, resulting in less returns, making everybody happy!  The fabrics are made from laser friendly colors and sustainable materials.  Aesthetically, Shaped’n Relaxed denim offers a modern approach to vintage looks.

Chrysalis II

Globally, we face a different challenge each day. It becomes more and more clear that, the only solution for these challenges is producing sustainably and respecting the earth. Preserving our values, our resources and protecting what the nature gives us, is of the utmost importance. Being responsible and taking accountability for our actions is the first step.

At DNM, we always try to look for solutions that combines quality with sustainability. We always push boundaries to create denim innovation to produce authentic denim styles with less resources.

Our inspiration is derived from the colors of the nature, which we eagerly wait to return to. We are happy to provide more color options for people to choose from. While creating more colors options and making improvements in our production, we always prioritize to be more resource aware and sustainable.

In production of this collection DNM once again proved its leading position in saving water, energy and resources by lowering our carbon and water footprint.


While it is clear that it will take a while to go back to nature, these times can be beneficial to understand and learn about our role in sustainability and the future of the Earth. As DNM, we continue our journey of creating a variety of quality denim with a stronger passion for preservation and sustainability. We are excited to present to you a new and improved version of our Chrysalis collection.  We present to you Chrysalis: II by DNM Denim

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For people who want to look stylish and still feel comfortable all day and night, Shaped’n Relaxed is a perfect match. It is a must-have for a timeless wardrobe.
Shaped’n Relaxed provides customized shaping technology developed by DNM Denim and Lycra Company. Result of this collaboration is a perfect fit, resulting in less returns, making everybody happy! The fabrics are made from laser friendly colors and sustainable materials. Aesthetically, Shaped’n Relaxed denim offers a modern approach to vintage looks.

Iconic Touch family takes softness, quality and luxury to another level, becoming a fabric like no other. In this collection, lightness and softness are improved even more to create a unique denim line.
Thanks to our innovative yarn technology, all fabrics from this collection have natural softness and brightness, making them the perfect choice for timeless elegance and comfort.

Let Tokio Spirit be the trademark of your style! For more people to enjoy Tokio Spirit, we have added new options that are suitable for women as well.
Authentic Japanese style denim is reinterpreted with modern processes resulting in variety of weight and color options for a timeless fashion sense. This collection has a wide product range consisting of variety of fiber compositions, including ones that are 100% cotton. Different fabrics are suitable for every need and here to elevate your style.

Comformance family is perfect for people who love casual wear. They have the perfect balance of lightness and performance qualities to them which means it’s always a good time to get into action!

Chrysalis Collection

It is up to us to adapt and create new ways of being one with the Earth.
In this collection, we wanted to reflect what has been happening in the world and what we all are going through. This new way of living reminded us one more time how important it is to respect nature and the Earth.

Our actions and their consequences couldn’t be clearer, we must be
more responsible through recreating and reorganizing the way we live and produce. As DNM, we perceive this unique time to be an inspiration for all humans to take a step back, go back to our homes where we feel protected. Then, just as a caterpillar in a cocoon, we will be ready to emerge stronger and ready for any challenge.

In production of “Chrysalis” we continued to implement new ways of recycling
and upcycling fibers, water, energy and raw materials that we use in our production.

Thanks to our zero-waste philosophy, we set an example in the industry by reducing our carbon and water footprint. We aim to be the leader of this conscious movement by continuing our innovative processes to be more sustainable in every step of the way.

We believe quality can be achieved with efficiency, producing more with less. Every fabric from this collection is a proof our success in finding the perfect balance of quality and efficiency, therefore creating sustainability in our production.

We are optimistic about the future, but we know sustainability is the only way to ensure a better future. By adapting, reshaping and recreating to protect the nature, we will be able to leave these uncertain times behind us to leave our cocoons to become ready for the next phase.

We present to you Chrysalis by DNM.

Thanks to shaping technology developed by DNM and Lycra,

Shaped’n Relaxed wraps around the body in such a perfect way that it almost becomes a part of it. Without sacrificing the perfect fit, it gives the freedom of movement like no other fabric does. it is made from laser friendly colors and sustainable materials.

Iconic touch combines the softness with quality and luxury. With the premium qualities that can be felt with only one touch, Iconic Touch is now softer than ever. As DNM, we always strive to produce innovative processes to achieve the best end product and Iconic Touch is the perfect testimony to this goal.


With special fabrics we produce using Tencel, Renewcell, Ecovero and Modal, we provide softness, smoothness, quality and bright colors without sacrificing sustainability.

Tokio Spirit is here to make a fashion statement, offering variety of weight and color options.

By using innovative cottonized hemp fiber, we produce quality fabrics with authentic looks without harming the environment. With this collection we prove that style can be achieved without sacrificing sustainability.

Comformance family creates the unique solution for those who have many expectations. This family is the perfect match for those who seek comfort with variety of options. With fabrics suitable for both active and formal use, one can call this concept “lifestyle comfort” with ease.

NatuRetro Collection

We respect nature’s blessing all over on our work and we think nature itself is the best collaborator of us.

Fibers, water, energy, chemicals that we use are all the key elements we need to sustain our quality and they need to be saved – by a great process, we continue for years. We will continue to focus on our sustainability goals, because our products should last long and have lower impact on environment than fast fashion jeans.

We combined this substantial point of view with the denim’s mythical heritage: Free spirit, rebellious vein, respect to the roots and peace with the environment are the main assets in this season.

We are going beyond the existing boundaries in terms of technology, while staying true to the rich tradition the industry and denim has.

We’ve got the power of nature to create new things with old, retro roots.

We present you the NatuRetro.

With shaping technology developed by DNM together with Lycra, Shaped’n Relaxed combines two key elements with groundbreaking fabrics. It offers just the right amount of shaping force to the area needed, without creating any inhibition without ever sacrificing comfort.


  • Customized shaping technology - Provides both comfort and shaping features
  • Easy wear for all day - Ensures perfectly fitting
  • Made from sustainable materials, in laser friendly colors - Has 2 best friends: Laser washing & nature itself!

The most wanted and exclusive concept of DNM’s legendary experience in quality fabrics. Based on a broad range of alternatives, Iconic Touch takes its shape with the power of sustainability and immense business partners such as Giza Cotton, Tencel, Modal and Umorfil.


  • Nothing but the best - Only the most premium materials are used in this concept.
  • Broad colour and fit alternatives - Lots of fit and colour options to choose from
  • A comfortable, soft touch - Through its special production, as soft as cotton itself.

Tokio Spirit brings different colours in today’s comfort properties. “Spirit” includes authentic construction, variable yarn options and as a key element, sustainable laser-friendly fabrics.


  • Various Looking Options - Bold denims with a variety of color and weight options.
  • The possibility to have salt & pepper - Natural marble affect and slubs to appear after the laundry.
  • Authentic Japanese Denim Style - A new touch to Japanese style with a fashionable vision.

Denim Infinity Collection

Fabrics that we make now are not harmful to nature; therefore we create an infinite cycle of materials.
Today’s techniques and readiness of our customers allow for the next step in our industry. In this way, we can create a clean and lasting future for the next generations.
We have prepared a complete sustainable collection to save the future.
DNM offers a full range of solutions to how to make long-lasting denim pieces without sacrificing anything from the future of our world.
Denim Infinity offers post and pre-consumer recycled and organic fibers, waterless dyeing, waste management system & fabrics optimized for laser treatment.
COMFORMANCE is based on comfort and performance. Within these two important perspectives, COMFORMANCE is a concept of light weight fabrics that offers high stretch properties which allows one to use from day to night, different yarn-combinations to support the flexibility.
We offer: Daily fabrics, ligh weight fabrics with high stretch properties, suitability for both active and formal wear, flat and ‘paper’ type look and feel.
DNM X LYCRA partnership presents FUTURETECH which helps men and women consumers to solve their most pressing denim issues.
FUTURETECH fabrics are basically a door to future of jeans.
Solutioun to problems associated with strech fabrics. Advantage of finding the perfect Jean for everyone that can be worn forever.
E:Z STRETCH is based on LYCRA® FREEF!T® technology that enables the production of stretch denim with a much lower compression force than regular stretch denim.
We offer: high recovery and relatively low compression force with mid to high stretch. Low fabric growth and wash shrinkage & natural denim look and feel.
As in its name, SHAPE ME provides the right amount of sculpting and shaping power without restrictions, giving an attractive appearance to curves.
We offer: perfect shaping, smooth silhouette, attractive curves so that you can catch the “Perfect Appearance”.
SHAPED ‘N RELAXED combines figure-flattering shaping performance with exquisite comfort and freedom of movement. This group of fabric provides just the right amount of SHAPING FORCE where it’s needed, with an ultra-comfortable fit.
We offer: customized shaping technology provide both comfort and shaping features, easy wear for all day with perfect fit & laser friendly colors with sustainable materials.

TOKIO SPIRIT is an essential theme of DNM. TOKIO SPIRIT supports sustainable production with natural yarn combination and laser friendly colors. 

Within this essential concept we offer; authentic construction and colors with different yarn combination combined with today’s comfort properties.

Optical surprises; light weights with the appearance of heavy weight, bold denims. Bright summer colors. Hemp/cotton blend with different weight and construction options.

ICONIC TOUCH is based on all the premium materials such as; Giza Cotton, Modal, Tencel and Umorfil. ICONIC TOUCH is not only Premium, but also; completely sustainable from manufacturing process to the materials.

We offer: bright and Premium look with a broad color and fit alternatives, unique soft-hand feel & maximum comfort.

20-21 Autumn/Winter Collection

20-21 Autumn/Winter Denim Collection carries the traces and influences of the heritage that we carry from the past to the future, as well as feeding on nature.

With the new collection, we are telling a story of collecting the future and nature by bringing innovation to everything that is produced instead of reproducing them.

In this story, there are also textures of a ruined structure, an old notebook hiding in a worn wooden box in.

Our environmentalist policy of production, based on sustainability, works in the spirit of our collections.
We re-interpret all the legacy from the past to the present, and we are reconstructing it with new technologies.



Denim for women and for men, which keeps its shape in high stretch jeans, presents extra comfort.

Inspired by the ultimate comfort that athleisure fabrics offer.

Offers the perfect fit & shaping power without sacrificing comfort, quality or consistency.

True denim with extreme performance combined for active daily life.

Increased elastane ratio in fabrics with a newly engineered technology.



Looser weaves avoiding the high compression of power-stretches.

Easy to wear on both lazy and active Sundays.

Fiber blends combine the best of both denim heritage and wearability.



Upgrade of traditional refined constructions without sacrificing comfort.

Sexy & Attractive look with lightweight shaping.

Better performance, better looking.



The bread and butter of this - and any – collection.

Timeless essentials in our well known and praised colors.

Easygoing fabrics with the technical specs that have become today’s standards.



Inspired by the traditional Japanese Vintage soul combined with the all American Workwear spirit.

Powerful colors allowing wash results from shiny raw to aggressive vintage washes.

Pronounces yarn effects and fantasies.

Real vintage denim look.