20-21 Autumn/Winter Collection

20-21 Autumn/Winter Denim Collection carries the traces and influences of the heritage that we carry from the past to the future, as well as feeding on nature.

With the new collection, we are telling a story of collecting the future and nature by bringing innovation to everything that is produced instead of reproducing them.

In this story, there are also textures of a ruined structure, an old notebook hiding in a worn wooden box in.

Our environmentalist policy of production, based on sustainability, works in the spirit of our collections.
We re-interpret all the legacy from the past to the present, and we are reconstructing it with new technologies.



Denim for women and for men, which keeps its shape in high stretch jeans, presents extra comfort.

Inspired by the ultimate comfort that athleisure fabrics offer.

Offers the perfect fit & shaping power without sacrificing comfort, quality or consistency.

True denim with extreme performance combined for active daily life.

Increased elastane ratio in fabrics with a newly engineered technology.



Looser weaves avoiding the high compression of power-stretches.

Easy to wear on both lazy and active Sundays.

Fiber blends combine the best of both denim heritage and wearability.



Upgrade of traditional refined constructions without sacrificing comfort.

Sexy & Attractive look with lightweight shaping.

Better performance, better looking.



The bread and butter of this - and any – collection.

Timeless essentials in our well known and praised colors.

Easygoing fabrics with the technical specs that have become today’s standards.



Inspired by the traditional Japanese Vintage soul combined with the all American Workwear spirit.

Powerful colors allowing wash results from shiny raw to aggressive vintage washes.

Pronounces yarn effects and fantasies.

Real vintage denim look.

20 Spring/Summer Collection

In our 2020 Spring Summer collection, our guide was nature, our inspiration sources were the whispers of nature to us.

With this inspiration, we returned to nature and prepared our new denim collection.

In order to carry the freedom and freshness of the rising wind on the hillsides to the whole summer, a collection was created that you would like to wear all season.

We aim to add more freedom and more comfort to your lives in our soft-touch, fine authentic denim options in DNM Spring-Summer Collection.

To provide you to keep up with nature's movement, we offer the flexibility and durability for your nature.

While realizing all those, we have integrated the power of technology with our understanding of responsible denim production.

We are here with a collection that is ahead of the rapidly changing fashion trends.

Now the control is in WISE-Fit, because it knows exactly where to show stretch effect and where to grip around the body. It reveals the forms of the legs and hips properly but, in thin bodies it doesn't straighten the body folds.

In short, WISE-Fit, which is used to customize the denim garment from person to person, will be starting a new era in denim.

Shrinkage, which occurs after interpreting fashion designs and washing of denim fabric, are minimized by EZ-Fit.

In the products with 50% or more elasticity, the shrinkage drops down to 18% to 6% to 8%. In fabrics with 40% elasticity, rates such as 14% reduced down to 6-7%.

Additionally, this advantage is also valid for laundering of different type surface, also this offers the manufacturer an opportunity to make raw product stock, allows the washings according to the changing demands and trends.

By the improvement in shrinkage ratio, it is easier to capture the desired fit and image in the products, while the quality of the seam increases and an extra touch can be achieved.

In this collection group, we offer a new option who looks for the comfort and strength of high elastic fabrics, but who don't give up to use the authentic denim fabric. TRUE-Fit is a technology product that presents comfort with flexibility while preserving authentic sensations.

We designed Z-Gen by taking inspiration from the comfortable life and free spirit of Z generation. Z-Gen is a new generation of denim fabric, that keeps up with the new generation without losing its denim appearance.