An Evolving Change or a Changing Evolution?

At DNM, we are rapidly advancing on our  journey of becoming a consistently sustainable and innovative denim manufacturer.

We are reviewing day by day new ways to produce denim fabrics with a story for our customers, in accordance with the sustainability targets, by adapting to the global competition conditions. By doing this, we can continue to successfully manage production and logistics operations through our head office in Istanbul and the factory in Egypt with its innovative engineers.

While we have an innovative production approach that contributes to sustainability and is equipped with new innovation and production technologies, we continue our growth by catching the dynamic flow of our ever-changing denim industry.

We position ourselves as a solution-based partner when communicating with our customers; from production to logistics, from design to sales and marketing, we shape our path as a brand that implements innovations, and develops every area we touch the customer in the denim fabric industry.

As a constantly developing and changing global denim fabric mill, we support young designers in the world fashion industry, create joint projects with the opinion leaders of the fashion world, and contribute to the development of the global denim fashion ecosystem.