Environmentally friendly raw materials

The concept of "Naturally" is one of the basic elements that we adopt as DNM and we do not make any concessions from the practices of responsibility understanding og denim.

We are implementing this understanding with our BCI Cotton and other raw material choices that support and strengthen sustainability in the environmental and socio-economic area.

Reducing the wastes and greenhouse gases we leave to our planet, and using energy and water more efficiently are among our production policies. Repreve ™, which primarily refers to the production of polyester fibers and ropes from plastic bottles and recycled materials; has been involved in our responsible production process. With this production application, we can proudly say that approximately 10 pet bottles are recycled for each product.

The circular and closed production cycle in the production of Refibra ™ and TENCEL ™ fabrics is an important step in supporting the responsible production understanding for low carbon and water footprint. TENCEL ™ stands for a sustainable lifestyle that frees personal expression with its comfort and softness through the production of natural fibers.

With Upcycle Cotton, waste of textiles is converted into reusable yarns and a new value is added to the wastes. These applications for DNM Denim are part of the responsible denim production.

Low Water

In order to minimize water consumption during the production phase, closed circuit treatment system was used instead of traditional biological treatment. ZLD system is operated with 7 separate filter process and zero liquid waste is realized and the water consumption of the factory is reduced by 85%.

With the technologies and machinery used in the painting and finishing stages, less water is used, so water consumption is kept at a minimum and under control.

For a sustainable life cycle, easy-to-process denim fabric production is performed, which responds more quickly to laser applications and water.

Less Waste

The principle of reducing chemical waste is another aspect of responsible production. With this new technology machine park; less electricity and natural gas were introduced. Thus, applications with low carbon fingerprint and environmental protection have been strengthened.

SAC Membership

DNM Denim is a member of non-profit Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC), including textile companies, commercial associations, academic institutes and the US Environmental Protection Agency.

The institution is to measure the environmental and social impacts of textile firms through some standardized tools called " Higg Index ".