Innovation and Production of Performance Fabrics

DNM Denim makes innovation investments in the field of production by prioritizing technology innovations and contributing to environment-friendly approaches of these innovations. It is an active producer that closely follows the developments in the world about performance fabric production and pioneers the sector.


The factory located in Egypt is one of the largest workforce in the region. Same time; Turkey and the United Kingdom with offices located strengthen the operations and communications for the world market.

DNM Design Center, which has been officially launched with the approval of the Ministry of Science and Technology(16.02.2018 ); has been organized as a separate unit and carries out domestic design activities with its experiences.

Production mode and capacity

DNM Denim Factory is a 70.000 square meters of closed facility, producing denim fabric with the latest technology built on 150,000 square meters area in the Public Free Zone of Dimyat city in Egypt.

Bringing together all the processes of the story of denim, from field to yarn and fabric, DNM manufactures 35 tons of yarn per day and increases its production from year to year with its environmentalist production approach.

Technology investment

DNM Denim makes machine investments suitable for high technology requirements with its rapidly changing sector dynamics and competitive elements. Among these investments, there are those that help to fulfill environmental responsibility, as well as capacity and production.