Legacy of DNM;

A blend of experiences from the past
& new fashion needs
faster production than everything

A new colorful, instant, unforgettable and perfect collection

Create with DNM All-Star


Everyone deserves to experience this.



There are things in life that are timeless & essential. Many things change in time, but there are some that will always be ready for you at the right time and the place. Now introducing; DNM’s new legacy child a collection called All-Star. It is the blend of experiences from the past & new fashion needs, in a much faster way than you can imagine.

It comes with comfort, a new style, color options and much more to discover.
Indispensable, unforgettable, accessible, timeless, instant & perfect.
DNM All-Star comes in shapes for women, men, unisex

It is now available in every season and for everyone. All-Star, Designed for those who want to create.
Create your next line with All-Star, if not now; it’ll always be present in the needs of fashion trends.